How I Will Support the Sale of Your Property

When I begin the search for a buyer of your property, I will share your listing with the entire marketplace. My goal will be to present your property to and many people in the open market as possible.

For that reason, I will begin with a “Buyer Counselling Session”. I actively listen to your wants, needs and goals to plan the sale of your property. It is my nature to get to know you and to ensure that I have all the information required to develop a successful sales strategy for your property.

Things I Will Do…

Meet Your Criteria

I will show your property to those that meet the criteria you have selected.

Property Evaluation

I will discuss features of a property with you that may affect its value selling potential.

Property Disclosure

I will review all inspection reports, disclosures and other documents pertaining to the condition of the property, and suggest options and ideas on how to address any concerns.

Negotiation Strategy

A key role in any purchase/sale, I’ll be an effective negotiator on your behalf who will work hard to develop a strategy to deliver terms and conditions acceptable to you.

Offer Presentation

I will endeavour to present any purchase offers directly to you in a timely manner with my recommendations…

Closing the Sale

I will monitor and inform you of the progress of the sale agreement, including the satisfaction of all contingencies and conditions during the entire transaction.

After Sale Service and Survey

I will contact you after the closing to follow up. I will provide you with a confidential opportunity to give an evaluation of my services.

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